Home IoT Solution


All devices can be connected via IP only.
Commax Home IoT, which combines very easy installation and innovative technology.
The solution features borderless expandability and convenience.

Beyond the space constraints, we will provide convenient and smart living services.
The COMMAX IoT is applicable to all residential environments.

COMMAX Home IoT provides Home Security and Home IoT service by connecting door camera, lobby phone, security camera, Digtal Doorlock, courier box and various IoT sensors around the smart videophone.


The lobby phone equipped with biometric technology is able to open the door by the facial recognition and the iris recognition its registered even in the dark night or when holding luggage.

The lobby phone is linked with the public zone service and automatically calls the elevator when the door is opened and moves directly to the resident floor.

You may also be able to use mobile apps to identify visitors and open doors from outside of the home.


When the motion detection sensor(PIR) detects the user is entering the front door, Home IoT system sets the welcome mode. The curtains open and the lights are turned on automatically, and Smart Mirror shows the environmental information of the house including temperature, humidity, and air quality.

The A.I(Artificial Intelligence) platform analyzes user life patterns and controls IoT devices and home appliances. Users also can control the lights, gas lock, lighting, heating, elevator calls and home appliances by his voice from anywhere in the home.


When the security mode is set at the user going out, a magnetic sensor detects door opening such as a veranda door or a window. When the door is opened, the alarm is activated, the guard is called, and emergency notifications and CCTV images are provided to the mobile app.

In addition, when a gas leaking, fire, water leaking, and dangers in a targeted area are detected, the mobile app notifies the situation and provides CCTV images.

If there is an elderly or weakened person in your home, the installed IoT device can monitor the activity changes for 24 hours, and emergency notifications will be provided to the wall-pad and mobile app if it is recognized as an emergency. If the user does not turn the notification off as in normal, it will be automatically connected to the set emergency network(family, emergency center).

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